Assistant Portfolio Manager

Investment Research - TB

True Beacon is a technology-driven investment firm that invests in the Indian public markets. Since its inception, it has adopted a novel client-aligned approach to asset management and operates domestic and offshore funds. The firm prides itself on data-driven decision-making and strives to be the trusted and transparent custodian of client wealth. It is backed by the founders of Zerodha and is headquartered in Bangalore.

True Beacon Quant is a quantitative investing division which specializes in systematic, factor based investing. We leverage advanced quantitative techniques to uncover and exploit market inefficiencies. Our team combines deep financial expertise with technology to deliver superior investment results. TBQ is the long-only team/group of TB which runs long-only systematic strategies.

The Role: We are looking for a talented and detail-oriented Fund Manager to expand our investment team. The ideal candidate will have a strong foundation in quantitative analysis, excellent communication skills, and proficiency in tools like PowerPoint, Excel and Python. A passion for systematic, data-driven investment strategies is essential. The position is based in either Bangalore or Mumbai.


The successful candidate will be responsible for:

Investment Strategy

Execution: Formulate and execute current long-only investment strategies based on the quantitative models. This involves rebalancing portfolios across strategies, order management and ensuring efficient execution of transactions. Development: Develop and refine quantitative models for factor-based investing. Perform statistical analysis and back-testing of investment strategies. Create presentations to communicate quantitative concepts and investment strategies. Use Python/Excel for financial modelling and data analysis.

Risk Management & Compliance: Monitor and manage the risks associated with portfolio investments and implement strategies to mitigate potential losses. Ensure all investment activities comply with SEBI regulations and internal policies. Prepare and present regular performance reports to stakeholders. Key Interactions Investment Team, Risk Management and Compliance Department, Senior Management, The Fund Manager will collaborate strategically with the investment team to align on objectives and strategies, seek regulatory advice from the compliance team, provide market insights to the sales and marketing team for client engagement, and report to senior management for strategic guidance and decision approvals.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in a quantitative, financial discipline, or engineering.
  2. CA, CFA. An MBA from a premier institute is preferred.
  3. NISM-Series-XXI-B Certification before joining.
  4. At least five years in related activities in the securities market, including as a portfolio manager, stockbroker, investment advisor, research analyst or fund manager.
  5. Minimum 2 years (out of 5 years in the securities market) of relevant experience in portfolio management or investment advisory services or in the areas related to fund management.
  6. Hands-on experience creating factor or similar rules-based quantitative investment strategies is preferred.
  7. Knowledge of factor investing and the portfolio construction processes.
  8. Excellent documentation habits, oral and written communication and presentation skills, including the ability to distil complex ideas into simple explanations.